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Our Mission

The mission of the University of South Florida, School of Social Work is to prepare graduates to achieve excellence as professionals and leaders in social work practice, research, and education. Our focus is to develop generalist social workers at the bachelor's level, clinical social workers at the master's level and social work scholars at the doctoral level and to encourage students to embrace social work knowledge, ethics, skills, and values. Beginning in our own diverse region, and extending nationally and globally, we are committed to graduating students who reflect the School's commitment to promoting social and economic justice, human rights, human dignity, scientific inquiry, and sustainable human and community well-being for all.

Our Goals

With the liberal arts as its foundation, BSW graduates are prepared for continuing their formal education in social work or another graduate discipline. Students are further prepared to engage in entry-level social work practice. MSW graduates are prepared to engage in advanced clinical social work practice.

As such, it is our goal that by completion of the program, students will be prepared to:

  1. To become professional BSW/generalist or MSW/clinical social work practitioners who integrate the knowledge, skills, and values of the profession so they are able to conduct evidence informed practice effectively and ethically with individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities ranging from local to global levels.
  2. To engage in addressing the needs of vulnerable, oppressed, and underserved populations and to promote university-community partnerships that strengthen communities and further human rights and social and economic justice.
  3. To further the development of social policies and social service delivery systems that are effective in meeting the needs of individuals and communities at local-global levels and that are in concert with values of the social work profession.
  4. To apply the knowledge of human behavior and critical thinking skills, that are essential to the practice of effective social work and the vitality of the profession.
  5. To prepare social work practitioners for the pursuit of professional life-long learning, which may include advanced education preparation, necessary to sustain professional competency in a rapidly changing world.

Outcome data

BSW Program Outcome Data 2015

MSW Program Foundation Outcome Data 2015

MSW Program Concentration Outcome Data 2015-2016