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Sarasota Part-time MSW Program - Beginning fall 2014


Through a carefully designed curriculum of core courses, electives, and supervised field experience, the MSW program prepares students for professional social work practice. Students acquire specialised knowledge and skills necessary for clinical practice with individuals, families, and groups.

Future Careers

Masters level social workers are in great demand; they are employed as medical social workers, social workers in mental health settings, addictions facilities, domestic violence, child welfare, hospice, and many other behavioral services venues. They are also employed in government, forensics, academia, homeless centers, research facilities, and state and federal investigations sites. Private practice social workers need additional training and require licensing. Each state has its own regulatory board for licensing social workers. Existing law protects the title "social worker".

Program Design

  • Students take 3 courses a term for 8 consecutive terms. Fall classes start August 25, 2014.
  • The entire program is 24 courses, including field placements (60 credits) at USFSM.
  • 10 hours weeky is required for field placement and students should plan to have at least 4 hours available during the normal workday to be at their agencies for placement. This allows the student to be part of the agency as it typically operates.
  • The program is designed for students to attend part-time evenings and some Saturdays.
  • Efforts are made to find field placements that accommodate the schedules of working students.
  • Each graduate student is assigned a USFSM Social Work faculty member as a mentor.
  • Students are assisted in details of registration and progress toward graduation by a faculty advisor at USFSM and a graduate academic advisor at USF School of Social Work.

Application Procedure

  • The faculty and staff at USF Sarasota-Manatee are happy to provide information about the program, however, students wishing to apply to the USFSM cohort of the MSW program should access the School of Social Work MSW website for details
  • Gaining admission to the MSW program is a competitive process, applicants should not delay.Deadline to apply: February 15, 2014 for Fall 2014



FOr tuition information please visit the USF student accounting website for details.


Part-time (Total Hours=60)

1st Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6105 Found in Human Behavior 3
SOW 6305 Foundations of Social Work Micro Practice 3
SOW 6348 Diversity and Social Justice 3

2nd Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6186 Foundations of Social Work Macro Practice 2
SOW 6235 Foundations of Social Welfare and Policy 3
SOW 6534 Field Instruction I 1

3rd Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6405 Foundations of Social Work Research & Statistics 3
SOW 6553 Field Instruction 2

4th Semester

Advanced Standing Students Enter Here
Course Title Credits
SOW 6438 Evaluations of Clinical Practice in Diverse Settings 3
SOW 6342 Social Work Practices with Individuals 3
SOW 6554 Field Instruction 2 *

* AS - Do not take

5th Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6124 Psychopathology 3
SOW 6362 Social Work Practice with Couples and Families 3
SOW 6555 Field Instruction 2

6th Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6236 Social Welfare Policy Development & Analysis 3
SOW 6368 Social Work Practice with Groups 3
SOW 6556 Field Instruction 2

7th Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6375 Advanced Social Work Macro Practice 3
  Elective 3
SOW 6557 Field Instruction 2

8th Semester

Course Title Credits
SOW 6126 Health, Illness, and Disability 2
SOW 8907 Capstone Project 1
SOW 6558 Field Instruction 2
  Elective 3

All students are required to take 2 clinical electives for 6 credits. At least 3 cr. must be clinical electives taken in the School of Social work. Students must receive permission to take clinical electives outside of the program, except for dual degree students who may take both of their electives in another program. Students may take electives during any semester including summer sessions.